Foreign Rights

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add editore is an independent publishing house founded in 2010 and based in Turin with over 150 titles in its catalogue.

The focus of the editorial plan is on social non-fiction, biographies, pamphlets. graphic novels.

The essays deal with freedom, rights, education, development, environment, frontiers, prisons and politics, sports and politics. They convey the voices of men and women from various world cultures.

The incendi series, created with the intent of spreading passions, letting them run rampant and offering readers the opportunity to be infected. The protagonists of the Italian and international cultural scene talk about their passion for writers, directors, musicians, paint­ers, sportspersons, playwrights, artists of all kinds: unexpected encounters that generate wonder.

The “exclamation marks” are controversial pamphlets which say their piece forcefully, but which also provide much food for thought: Time for Outrage! by Stéphane Hessel was one of the publishing successes of recent years.

The biographies provide stories of people who have made excellence their byword. Lives, in their extraordinary simplicity.

The selection of titles under preparation opens up to new inspirations and directions, with a look at Asian cultures, scientific dissemination, literary essays which blend knowledge and disciplines in a vision that is open to the increasingly clear demand for multiculturalism and dialogue.